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Dear Friend,

With veraison completing, the 2017 Lodi harvest is right around the corner, with timing mostly like last year.

Please join us the weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 25-27, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. for pickups and tastings!

Since we do not have new Borra releases, this time we are offering you a Cellar Selection 3-Pack of our 2013 Barbera, 2014 Old Vine Zinfandel and 2013 47.5 Degree Syrah.

IMPORTANT: We will not automatically charge you, because we do not have enough for everyone. If you would like these wines, please reply back to me at Club@BorraVineyards.com by the end of the day Monday, August 21, saying "I'll take a 3-Pack!"


Markus Niggli

Markus Niggli, Winemaker

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